Antifa's New WMD Is A Lecture Series

Antifa’s New WMD Is A Lecture Series

Berkeley, CA – Nazis beware!  The leftist activist group AntiFa (short for Anti-Fascist Action) has unveiled a new weapon for the upcoming battle against right wing Nazis – a full lecture series on the political ramifications of far right national socialist ideology, to be presented during break hours on campuses across the nation.

“The only thing more powerful than bombs are words”, said Mx. Tiffany John Spinks, a local member of the AntiFa chapter at the University of California, Berkeley.  Ze proceeded to elaborate on the content which would be presented:

“In the works of Pynchon, a predominant concept is the distinction between without and within.  But in Vineland, Pynchon examines realism; in Mason & Dixon, however, he denies Marxist capitalism.  The primary theme of Long’s analysis of postconceptualist appropriation is the role of the writer as reader. “

The insightful lecture series is expected to last 12 months and is designed to give student activists the intellectual clout necessary to fight against the rising tide of blatant Nazi, racist, right-wing, terrorist, capitalist, white-supremacist extremism that is currently burning the entire nation to the ground.

“We’re here to bash the fash”, Spinks continued in our interview.  “[…] but first, we must know how to bash the fash.  In addition to new educational material concerning fascism, we will also have slides which teach people how to fight.”

The second part of the lecture series – called Combat with Compassion – teaches a multitude of non violent, peaceful ways to assault bystanders and civilians while burning trashcans and smashing the windows of a local coffee shops.

“We want people to understand that our peace through violence campaign is not designed to hurt […] but to help”.  Spinks elaborated, “We want a peaceful demonstration of protest that shows, hey, we’re not afraid to crack your skull if you oppress us with speech.”

Incredible devotion.  Some are speculating that the group is simply a fascist entity posing as left wing activists.  However, it is clear in the name “Anti-Fascist” that this can not be so.  It is obvious, and needs no further proof.

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