Charlottesville Hosts Nation's Largest LARP Convention

Charlottesville Hosts Nation’s Largest LARP Convention

Charlottesville, VA –  Thousands flocked to the college-town two days ago for an unconventional convention.  Live action role playing (or LARP) is a form of global live action gaming where participants physically act out character actions.  The most popular version of LARPing is the medieval fantasy theme, however the potential scenarios are limited only by one’s imagination.

LARP in the United States has seen a dynamic surge in popularity of following the 2016 election, with the emergence of two very distinct clans.  The “Alt-Right”, led by notable white supremacist Richard Spencer, faces off against the opposing “Regressive Left” led by Yvette Felarca.  These two teams have met in small skirmishes prior to this convention, but the turnout was fairly modest.

On Saturday thousands of LARPers met toe to toe for a battle unlike anything we have seen yet.  The Alt-Right clan wore the unmistakable Nazi swastika as a uniform, while the Regressive Left chose the Communist hammer and sickle.  This LARP event turned into a historical reenactment of the famous German assault against the Soviet Union in 1941, except that the weapons used were far less lethal.

Members of the Alt-Right used tiki torches to cast enchantments for fellow teammates and boosted mana with the spell, “White lives matter”.  Yvette Felarca responded to the hex by calling on her banshee screamers.  With the blow of a horn, roughly 30 women (?) flanked the opposition’s primary formation.  They screamed “THAT’S CULTURAL APPROPRIATION” and “YOU’RE OPPRESSING ME”, although the words soon morphed into a solid “REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE”.

Don’t expect the LARPing to end anytime soon, both sides have witnessed substantial continued growth.  Some towns have even began the process of holding their own LARP convention.

Berkeley, California appears to be the next stage for battle, with a tentative date set for September 14.

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