Climate Change Chinese Propaganda

Trump’s EPA Just Called Climate Change Chinese Propaganda

Washington, D.C. –  A massive ice sheet weighing over one trillion tons has broken away from the western Antarctic Larsen C ice shelf, according to a UK-based research team.   This mass is roughly equivalent to the size of Delaware and is an overt reminder that the Earth continues to warm.  However, President Trump’s Administrator to the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, just dismissed this event as a hoax.

“We don’t know for sure that this occurrence has anything to do with climate change.  Hell, for all we know this could be propaganda perpetrated by the Chinese” Pruitt stated in a press conference.  This dismissive rhetoric mirrors Trump’s propensity to label the misunderstood as “fake news”.

When pressed for clarification on why the Chinese would want to misdirect the American public, Pruitt shrugged.  “Seems like something they would do.  Believe me, I don’t trust those little fellas [sic] ever since Pearl Harbor”.

Pruitt walked away before anyone could respond to his historically inaccurate, and otherwise offensive statement.




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