Democrats Unveil New Slogan: 'We are not Republicans?'

Democrats Unveil New Slogan: ‘We are not Republicans?’

Washington, D.C. –  Many political experts are claiming that the Democratic party is currently in complete disarray. With no single leader to turn to, Democrats are struggling with identity, purpose, and even policy.  In response, leaders in the DNC have chosen to begin the process of re-branding with a new slogan for the party: “We are not Republicans? [sic]”.

“It’s bold but concise”, said DNC chair Tom Perez in a statement released today.  “People have been asking since the election, ‘What do Democrats stand for’ and we are almost entirely sure that we are not Republicans”.

This move may be the decisive step in swinging the tide back in favor of the Democratic Party, which suffered a humiliating loss to a reality television show host in the 2016 Presidential Election.  Some within the party, however, are hesitant to embrace this change.

“The DNC is a big tent party” said Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) in a memo released today.  “ […] And we should welcome all walks of life, including those who lean right of center”.

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has claimed for months since the election that the Democratic Party needs to reconnect with the white working class, who he claims, they have abandoned.  In response to this move,  Sanders issues the following statement:

“Democrats need to reconnect with the white working class.  Many in that group are asking,  ‘Are they Republicans or Democrats?’ […] And the answer is clear: Democrats are not Republicans, and that is the message we need to be taking to the American people going forward.”

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