Opinion: Donald Trump Assaults Marginalized Groups

Washington, D.C. – When experts discuss political ramifications of biological, sexual, and other forms of indirect physical harassment, it is often claimed that many marginalized groups suffer in proportion to their level of sensitivity to the harassment enacted by the primary party in question. One such instance has almost certainly been committed by the President of the United States, according to an anonymous source familiar with his sustenance preference and biological rhythm.

Let me be clear: We can not have a commander in chief whose predilection for marginalizing (albeit physiologically necessary) gastro intenstinal assault upon ALL marginalized group within the executive branch. Believe it or not cisgender white men, ALL groups are affected by this. People of color, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, and other groups that our societal systems forget and leave out on a daily basis.

When will this misogyny finally end? It is 2017. We cannot have a President who KNOWINGLY and WILLINGLY commits ASSAULT against members of the federal government – employees who are protected under equal right legislation (yeah sorry, POCs and womyn are people too, sweetie).

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