After Months of Training, President Trump Qualifies for PGA Tour

Washington, D.C. – After completing a stressful 18-holes at Trump National Golf Club in Loudon County Virginia, President Donald Trump eagerly awaits his official score.  This final tally will determine if he qualifies for the 2018 PGA Tour, and with it, the opportunity to play against the world’s best golfers.

The score is announced – 10 under par.  In a moment of humility Trump drops to a knee, thanking God that all of his training has finally paid off.  At 71- years old, Donald Trump has become the oldest player to ever qualify for the PGA Tour.  His daughter, Ivanka, rushes to embrace her father, obviously moved by this moment of triumph.

“He has envisioned this day for years”, she tells reporters.  “He has really increased his training regimen in the past few months and I’m so happy to see that all of his long days on the course really paid off.”


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