GOP Tackles Overpopulation with New Healthcare Bill

GOP Tackles Overpopulation with New Healthcare Bill

Washington, D.C. – Yet another week goes by for Congressional Republicans without an Obamacare repeal and after facing increasing pressure from President Trump to pass legislation, GOP leaders are crafting a new healthcare bill.  Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell (R-KY), has emerged from his office this morning with a packet of freshly printed papers.

“I hope that members from both parties can finally agree on this [bill]” McConnell stated in a press briefing outside of the Senate Chamber.  “I think it is time that we come together in a bipartisan manner to address the driving issue behind dependable and affordable healthcare; do we really wan’t everyone to live?”.  McConnell went on to explain, “Contrary to popular belief, the most evident danger that faces our world today is overpopulation, and the GOP is committed to making sure that only the best people survive.”

McConnell isn’t necessarily wrong either.  The United States alone has nearly quadrupled in population in the last century with no signs of slowing.  A lack of food will eventually lead to mass famine.  Scarce housing will lead to droves of nomadic homeless people.  Diseases will spread faster with little to stop them.

But is this quasi-social Darwinism the best option available to combat this issue?  That is what members of Congress will discuss in the days to come with the Senate convening at 10:00 am and the House at 12:00 pm.


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