HONORABLE: CNN Chooses Not to Dox Young Man on Internet

NEW YORK – After President Trump tweeted a controversial GIF of him wrestling a CNN logo on July 2, the news network had a decision to make.  Would they attempt to hold the President accountable for what was unquestionably an unabashed display of unprofessional behavior?  Would they harness their inner Michelle Obama and “go high when they go low”?

A CNN investigative team soon uncovered the origin of the meme which was shared by Trump – one Reddit user by the moniker of “HanAssholeSolo”.  After messaging the young man, CNN decided to take the moral high ground.

In a series of tweets, CNN journalist Andrew Kaczynski, revealed that HanAssholeSolo has apologized to the news agency.  CNN has accepted the apology and honorably chose not to release HanAssholeSolo’s personally identifiable information to the entire internet where he could have been inevitably subject to death threats, retaliatory abuse, and societal alienation.

*CNN reserves the right to release this information should HanAssholeSolo ever attempt to challenge them again.


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