LePen to Host French Hunger Games

Paris, France – Presidential hopeful, Marine LePen, has called for a radical new method for dealing with the rise of Islamic extremism in France.  She spoke at a rally in Nice last night:

“These refugees are flooding our streets, bringing with them the horde of Islamic terrorism.  Our wives and daughters are being raped and beaten, and it is time to make a change”.

LePen later outlined a fresh proposal for peace.

“We must ban together and capture these criminals.  I would like to create a tournament with the most violent refugees and Muslims that we can find.  Instead of welcoming them into France, lets make them earn a citizenship.  Deep in the Ardennes, we will drop 20 of them and block off a border.  Naturally, they will turn on each other and fight to the death”.

LePen went on to explain that the winner will become a French citizen and will even be given a job; a scarce commodity among immigrants.

“The winner of this game will ultimately be granted  all the rights of a full-blooded French person, assuming that they convert first, and will be offered a full time position as a grape stomper at a local winery”.  A coveted career path for any French citizen.

The internet has responded in outrage, calling LePen’s idea barbaric and inhumane.  However, this recent speech has bumped LePen’s polling numbers by nearly 4%, closing the narrow gap with political opponent Emmanuel Macron.

The French Presidential election will take place on May 7th.


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