Macron Celebrates Victory With Dance Sequence

Paris, France – Emmanuel Macron, the newly elected French President, celebrated his victory over far-right candidate Marine Le Pen late Monday night.  Mr. Macron’s campaign held an impromptu party outside of the Louvre after the results were finalized.

The youthful 39-year-old spoke to a boisterous crowd of people, thanking them for the support and love.  When he finished, an explosion of confetti and streamers showered the onlookers, and a team of scantily clad dancers took the stage.

The speakers began to play a familiar song to the Macron followers,  a theme which was heard throughout his campaign:

The elegant tones of “Chacarron Macarron” rang through the Louvre as the dancers moved with its hypnotic rhythm.  Mr. Macron was seen shimmying with his elderly wife off stage.

Chacarron Macarron” is loosely translated from French to English as, “Victory to Macron” or “Macron is Victorious”.


The President will officially begin his duties on May 14th.

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