Mike Pence Guest Stars on Sesame Street

Mike Pence Guest Stars on Sesame Street

Guess who’s coming to Sesame Street?  That’s right, Vice President Mike Pence guest starred on an episode of Sesame Street today, appearing with Elmo and the gang to teach children about the dangers of sin, homosexuality, and eternal damnation in hell.  Wow!

“Kids, Jesus forgives, but I won’t” the Vice President told the audience.  “All you communist parents out there, I’m talking about you.”  At this point Elmo suggested that the Vice President is “tired and needs a nap.”

“I’m not tired” the Vice President responded, and he continued to lecture the audience on the dangers of radical Islam, as well as remind children that smoking is “mostly harmless”.

“Trust the Bible kids.” was the last thing the last thing before a rough cut to commercial break.  It’s great to see politicians involved with public education.  President Trump later tweeted “Big Fan of Big Bird – Thanks VP Pence! #MAGA”.

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