Misunderstanding with N.Korea, Missiles Actually for Space Program

New York, NY – North Korea has launched another ballistic missile over into the Sea of Japan, two U.S. officials have confirmed to CRP.  This most recent test comes after the Pentagon announced a more aggressive posture towards the hermit State.

President Donald Trump took to twitter to denounce the launch.


Amid increased tensions, Pyongyang has released a statement.

“The Great Leader has blessed us with another glorious launch and the United States will tremble from the magnificent might of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.  Soon our plans to colonize the moon will be achievable”.

U.S. Intelligence Officials have been tirelessly studying the cryptic message for signs of aggression.

“It seems as if we have greatly misunderstood the Kim regime… for decades now.  Our intelligence community believes that North Korea is actually trying to develop a space program with the intent to colonize the moon and spread space communism”, Press Secretary Sean Spicer told reporters early this morning.

It is yet to be known how close North Korea is to viable space flight, but the United States remains optimistic.

Spicer told press, “Look, they have had like 4 missiles break apart mid flight in the last month alone.  We believe that North Korea is at least 40 years from a workable space program”.

Trump has since expressed a desire to revamp America’s space program and, “…make the moon great again”.

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