Poll: 96% of College Students Support Socialism, But Not Like the Soviet Union Man

According to a recent Gallup poll, a shocking majority – 96% – of college students claim that they “support socialism, but not like the Soviet Union man.”


The poll was conducted at universities across the country with a sample size of approximately 7,000 students.


“Yeah I think socialism isn’t so bad” said Jodie McConnell, a sophomore at Rutgers University “but not like you know Russia, like that was bad. I like Bernie Sanders.”


“After studying socialism, I believer that honestly in the facts Stalin did nothing wrong in my opinion” claimed Samuel Tenpenny, a senior at UC-Berkeley, “the guys he killed were called kulaks, I think they deserved it honestly”.



“I’m technically a social democratic socialist” commented Myle Kulinski of Arizona State University “I think we need a mix of socialism and capitalism so you know. Like I think we should still have iPhones but school and stuff should be free.”


3% of respondents said they were not interested in politics, the remaining 1% voted for Gary Johnson.

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