CIA: Vladimir Putin Can’t Choose Between Bringing Back USSR or WWIII

Moscow – It is no secret that the Russian economy has struggled to keep up after the collapse of the Soviet Union. According to reports released by the CIA today, Russian President Vladimir Putin is very torn on how to prioritize the Russian federal budget.


According to top sources inside the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin isn’t sure whether rebuilding the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics or Provoking Nuclear Annihilation is the smarter alternative.



“On one hand, I want to bring back communism”, the Russian president was heard saying “on the other, I want to provoke the end of mankind.”


Kremlin sources said that the budget for military and nuclear arms is limited and priorities must be set before the final budget is passed.


Latest reports indicate that Putin is leaning towards the Soviet Union. The Russian president was overheard saying “since Hillary lost we don’t really need to eradicate mankind anymore”.

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