Bandaid Bill

Rand Paul Proposes New “Bandaid Bill” Amid Healthcare Drama

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Since the 2016 election, Republicans have been struggling to effectively “repeal and replace Obamacare”, officially known as the Affordable Care Act.  Despite efforts, the debate over how much to “repeal” and how much to “replace” goes on.  Many in Congress are worried about massive spending, while others are more concerned about the impact repealing the bill could have on every day working Americans.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has introduced new legislation today entitled the “Very Affordable Health Care Act”, also known as the “Bandaid Bill”.  In an interview with CRP today, Senator Paul had the following to say:

“Look, our founding fathers never intended for the federal government to be in charge of an industry as large as healthcare”, he stated “however, because of the Affordable Care Act, we now have millions of Americans relying on federal subsidies to afford insurance.  That’s why I am introducing the Very Affordable Health Care Act”.

The bill would allow one free box of quality Bandaids for each family in America, and a bottle of Robitussin to any family living below the poverty line.  Senator Paul calls the bill a “necessary evil” to offset the pain of the repeal of the ACA.

“I believe it is obvious that this bill does not do enough”, stated Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT).  “It is absurd that we do not guarantee healthcare as a right in this country, and that is why I will be introducing the “Mandatory Healthcare Act” soon in the Senate”.

The Mandatory Healthcare Act (MHA) would mandate that all U.S. Citizens receive healthcare, even if they do not want it.  “We will get healthcare coverage to 100%, one way or another”, Senator Sanders declared in the interview.

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