Report: Trump Misses Security Briefing, Watches Dragon Ball Z

Washington, D.C. – White House sources today confirmed that President Donald Trump missed a top secret security briefing with several members of the State and Defense Departments this morning in order to stay in the Oval Office watching Dragon Ball Z on his iPhone.


The President was “really into the episode, it was really great, the best one so far, out of all of them, there were a lot, but this one was easily the best.” Sources claimed the president “could not believe how many times Goku got punched, it must have been thousands and thousands of times”. The spectacle of light and sound was allegedly too captivating for the President to escape. The President is considering declaring April 21st “Namek Remembrance Day” in memorial of all Nameks killed by Lord Frieza. However in a press release today the White House stated “we will not be accepting any Namekeian refugees into the United States at this time”.


Vice President Mike Pence was able to attend the meeting in place of the President.

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