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Rock the Rock Rock Vote: Weighing a Potential Dwayne Johnson and Kid Rock Ticket in 2020

Hollywood, California – Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has teased at the idea of running for President in 2020.  He brought up this implication during a May interview with GQ when he said “of course” he’d consider putting his name in the hat for the next upcoming election.  Johnson, who is registered as an Independent, joked about running for President on the season finale on Saturday Night Live in May.  He went so far as to share a picture of himself on Twitter standing behind a podium labeled “‘The Rock’ Johnson 2020” to promote the episode and “announced” on the show that he and Tom Hanks were teaming up for a bid.  Hanks has quickly dismissed the idea simply as a late-night joke, but laughter soon turned to intrigue as people considered a ‘Rock’ Presidency.  If Hanks is out, who would be the next best choice for VP behind Johnson?

Just a few days ago, musician and performer, Kid Rock (born Robert James Ritchie) suggested his intent to run for public office as well.  The Republican, and ardent Trump supporter, took to Twitter to announce his move to the political sphere.

Now imagine, if you will, a scenario where these two men run the greatest country in the world.  That’s right, I am suggesting a Dwayne Johnson/Kid Rock 2020 ticket.  The sheer physical size of Johnson would intimidate world leaders into complying with us and Kid Rock has the necessary chill vibes of a Veep.  The only greater potential for success is if Chris Rock agrees to a Cabinet position and we can witness a Rock trio take our country to the Promised Land.

The liberal left would love Johnson’s progressive presence, and middle America would rally behind Kid Rock’s “Sweet Home Alabama” persona.

Could this unite our nation?




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