Sociologists Confirm: Trump is Mean

 NEW YORK – Sociologists at NYU have released a compelling study today that has cemented what many have feared for years – Trump is mean.

The report, titled “Trump Really Mean”, includes 84 pages of in depth analysis, including deep investigation into many of Donald Trump’s tweets, speeches, and even policies as President of the United States.

One of the Sociologists involved, Dr. Mena Barlett, wrote in the report “the verbiage chosen for utterance by the President of the United States includes clear misogynistic overtones that must be addressed.”

The study cited such instances as Trump using the word “Mexican” which has been mathematically proven to be the 47th most problematic word in the English language. It also cited his use of the word “Pussy” in a Hollywood Access tape, which was calculated as the 31st most problematic word in the English language.

Sociologists even included a full, actual graph, in the report, however the information conveyed may come across as nebulous to those without the intelligence to understand the depth and scope of Sociology as a field.

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