Trump Makes Kickstarter Page to Fund Border Wall

WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Donald Trump has reportedly come to a decision on how he plans on funding his infamous wall along the Mexico – US border.  Sean Spicer took the pulpit yesterday and revealed the decision to the press pool.


“The President has officially decided to move forward with his campaign promise to erect a wall between the United States and Mexico.  In order to finance such a project, the President has expressed interest in establishing a kickstarter page.  He has already begun the process and is awaiting a response from the crowd funding website”.


President Trump’s promise that, “Mexico will pay for the wall” has fallen flat.  The Mexican government has conveyed no intention on paying for the wall, and it is unlikely that the United States will convince them.


Donald Trump was recently quoted as saying, “Think about it.  I had over 13 million votes.  Imagine if all of my supporters gave like $5.  People crowd-fund stupid things like art projects and books every day.  Why wouldn’t this work?”


Congressional Republicans have expressed support for the initiative.  Paul Ryan (R-WI) was overheard in a meeting as saying, “Wait we can’t do that…Can we?”

Now we wait.


Kick-Starter requires a 3 day waiting period to review the submitted project.  Already Trump supporters have attempted to mail cash to the White House.


Carly Brindle, a waitress from Des Moines, Iowa voiced her support, “I sent Mr. Trump all of my tips from last night, pennies and all, so he can put up the wall.  We don’t need any more undesirables taking our jobs.”


Mrs. Brindle has worked as a waitress for 27 years.

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