BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Admitted to ICU

BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Admitted to ICU

NEW YORK – Political commentator for Fox News, Tucker Carlson, was rushed to NYU Lagone Medical Center last night after speaking to prominent Antifa leader, Yvette Felarca.  Felarca, known for inciting riots at UC Berkeley early this year, left Carlson bewildered after a flippant comment on his show.

“Antifa, as a movement, promotes peace.  We are assaulting people to show them how fascist they are.”  Felarca stated to a dumbfounded Carlson.  The show host’s face displayed a unnatural look of confusion and disorientation after fully comprehending the baffling proclamation from his guest.

Show producers began to worry after minutes passed with Carlson unable to change his facial expression.  An ambulance rushed the now-paralyzed host to the nearest hospital where he was admitted for mild brain damage.

He is currently stable and is expected to fully recover.

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