WikiLeaks Releases Evidence Tucker Carlson Behind Syrian Gas Attack

New York, NY – In a shocking release from WikiLeaks today, emails were obtained by CRP containing alarming evidence that Fox New’s Tucker Carlson was behind the chemical gas attack that occurred in northwestern Syria on April 4.  This comes after wide speculation that the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad was the culprit of the mass killing of civilians.  Emails sent from Carlson to an anonymously owned email ( were intercepted by a shadow hacker group and quickly broadcast on WikiLeaks.

According to the reports Carlson “wanted to distract the public from[…] my take-down of that fat f*ck O’Reilly”. The emails contained several other reports including “giving Trump coverage” allegedly in order to “get that bitch Kelly out of there too”.



Carlson, the inquisitive once bow-tie-wearing gentleman also admits in the emails to “paying 4chan to hack the DNC” and “having that staffer taken care of” to provide “misdirection”.

Carlson currently faces no charges and will reportedly continue his regularly scheduled show ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight‘ at 8:00pm EST.  However, his implication of President Donald Trump has caught the attention of Fox’s competition.  Rachel Maddow has taken this news as an opportunity to try and expose Russian ties to the administration.  Saying, “Just look at the emails.  You think Carlson is the mastermind behind all of this?  Putin is using this as an attempt to infiltrate the American mainstream media”.  This comes after MSNBC’s 24 hour coverage of the Trump administration’s alleged tie to Russia.


The words “Russia” or “Putin” fail to be mentioned once in the emails.  However, Carlson expressed his admiration for Niccolo Machiavelli as “a real one”.


Allegedly, Carlson was the mastermind behind a spate of recent events including the Trump administration’s attack on Syria, recent North Korean aggression, and BREXIT.

RealClearPolitics was unable to reach Mr. Carlson or Fox News for a comment.

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