Vladimir Putin harasses reporter

Vladimir Putin: “B***h, I Might Be”, Harasses Reporter

MOSCOW – After returning from the G20 Summit this week in Hamburg, Germany, President Putin was approached by a CRP affiliate reporter in Moscow concerning the alleged hacking of the US election.  Several US intelligence agencies have accused Russia of interfering in the 2016 Presidential election, swaying the odds in favor of Donald Trump. A reporter for CRP asked a simple question: “President Putin, are you guilty?”

“[REDACTED], I might be”, he responded. The Russian President then quickly shoved our reporter and attempted to walk away quickly.  CRP condemns this unacceptable treatment of our reporter, and we would also like to add that we believe this behavior to be beyond the pale for any head of state.  The reporter, Kasparas Oluwafemi, then proceeded to follow President Putin and his bodyguards and associates, attempting to get more answers.

Our CRP reporter responded, “Mr. President, why are you sweating so hard? Are you nervous?” President Putin then stopped to confront our reporter, and proceeded to go on a tirade, insulting our reporter and insinuating threats.  The full transcript follows:

“What are you doing?  You are harassing me. Come here woman.  Look I ain’t Obama baby.  You know what I mean, I’m not a piece of Bubblegum.  What I’m doing is not your business.  But as a matter of fact, while you are here, are you a waitress or something?  Because your attire makes you look like you a waitress. Here is $100.  Go get yourself a drink, and bring me and my clique about ten orange juices, five crunk juices,  and all will be forgiven.”

President Putin the proceeded to proposition our reporter, who then decided to end the interview.  CRP has filed an official complain with the Russian Government’s I-C (Internal Conduct) department.

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